December 2016 - Technical Report Update

Tech report update-

Monday, December 26th a small group of folks went to Horsetooth with me to start the repair work as our climbers were available.  We installed the new Isolator and the new Duplexer on the 447.275 repeater.  The old 447.275 antenna was removed from the tower and the new one was installed.  Unfortunately, during the haul up, the jumper that attaches the new antenna to the main feedline coming up the tower was either damaged or in some way displaced causing a loss of proper connectivity to the antenna (with the suspect connector out on the far cross arm end of the cable).  As it was getting cold and dark, and our climbers were very tired after 4-1/2 hours on the tower, we went with "plan b" to get things on the air for the day.

The 144.390 W0UPS-5 digitpeater was temporarily removed from service. The 447.275 repeater was connected to it's antenna and returned to service (it's doing quite well but service area is reduced some due to it's very low mounting location).  The 145.115 problem was determined and temporarily rectified to allow it to be returned to service.  It's still has a pretty bad desense problem, but we found the source, temporarily applied a work around, and have ordered parts.

The 224.520 repeater had an internal coax jumper replaced in the shack which seems to have majorly improved it's performance.

All remaining coax jumpers for all 3 repeaters that needed to be replaced were manufactured on site and installed.

The last little parts we need to finish the Horsetooth job are due to be delivered tomorrow (Thursday Jan 5th).  We'll get up there and finish everything off, returning the 447.275 to it's proper antenna, finish the repair on 145.115 and return the W0UPS-5 Digi to operation on the next visit.  The weather is (obviously) going to have the biggest crimp on the timeline, but we'll get up there and finish ASAP.

Many thanks to the volunteers for helping and the members for their patience as we finish up all the enhancements!



NCARC Tech Chair