Tech Report - March 2017

Tech report - March 2017

All parts are in hand to finish the fix.  We now have several well qualified volunteers to help.  
We expect a trip to be scheduled in 1 to 2 weeks.  During that trip, the following work will be performed:
- Replace (2) jumpers between the 1-5/8" hardline running up the tower and the antennas 
- Replace a 1/2" hardline run the entire length of the tower with a 7/8" run of hardline
- Rebuild/clean the Diamond X50 antenna that was being used for the APRS digipeater and repurpose it as the voting receiver antenna for the Buckhorn voters.
- Install a new Laird single band 2Meter antenna for the APRS station
- Install the new Radio/TNC setup and connect to the PC to launch the new APRS I-Gate service (This will be W0UPS-10 upon return to the air)
- Take a further look at the on-site generator to determine needed repairs
- Reprogram the Buckhorn voting receivers to have only a single channel (this will fix the 145.115 coming out on the 146.625 problem since someone unauthorized changed the radio channel)

At the conclusion of this trip, we expect to have both UHF and VHF repeaters working back to full capability, along with the Digipeater/I-Gate fully functioning.

No current work planned.  Site is working very well.

The new 3Ghz link was installed between Durward Hall and University Services Center to change where the internet is fed into our microwave system.  Since the change, the internet connected services have been rock solid.

We've found someone with a spectrum analyzer that covers the microwave frequencies.  They will be available next week (Week of Match 20th) to take a trip to the site and identify possible intereference.  The Greeley-Buckhorn link has been working pretty well lately for an unknown reason. The 146.850 repeater will have an additional part installed that allows proper use of CTCSS protection (Currently it's tone squelch only)

Budweiser Event Center-
The WIRES-X continues not to work. Repeated (on the order of 20 something) phone calls to Yaesu has resulted in ZERO return phone calls/emails/etc.I visited their booth in Florida at Hamcation and my name/number was taken down with a promise to follow up.  Nothing heard.
The Fusion repeater is working well in standalone mode. Last week, the new microwave link to Namaqua hill was brought up and all network routing updated.  This brought the Loveland Repeater Association online to the digital backbone.  In exchange for the link, LRA is allowing us to use their Internet ISP located at the repeater site as an alternative  way into and out of the system for backup access and emergency internet services.

As soon as Horsetooth is completed, work will resume on trying to rectify the long squelch tail crashes on some of the repeaters, as well as finishing program of repeater linking codes for Skywarn/ARES uses, and possibly re-adding voice announcements to some repeaters.

The Buckhorn voter will be placed on the Boulder repeater site soon adding additional coverage to the South and East for the Buckhorn VHF repeater.  An APRS I-Gate will also be included at that site to fill in further holes along the front range. These projects are in colloboration with Rocky Mountain Ham and are not costing NCARC any money. All gear was donated by Doug Sharp, Myself, and RMHAM. In return, we will assist in running this equipment.