The club holds a net each Wednesday at 6:30 pm on the 447.275 repeater (100 Hz tone).  This net starts as a formal net with check-ins and an opportunity to ask questions of the board and members.  Then switches to an informal net where participants can chat about anything on their mind.  The script for this net is available here.


NET Date and Time Frequency
NCARC Tech Net Monday 6:30PM 447.275 MHz
NCARC Club Net Wednesday 6:30 PM 447.275 MHz
NCARC Simplex/ARES Thursday 7:30PM 147.420 MHz (simplex)
144.390 (APRS)
ARES R3D2 Weekly Net Thursday 7:00 PM 447.275 MHz
ARES Statewide VHF Net Sunday 8:00 PM 145.310 MHz
ARES HF Net Sunday 8:00 AM  ~3810 kHz LSB
RMVHF + 2 Meter SSB Monday 8:00 PM 144.220 MHz USB
Central Colorado Traffic Net Daily 7:30 PM 145.310 MHz
123hz tone
CSU ARC Thursday 18:00 449.850- (100hz)
(Ares CH 10)
Columbine Net Daily 8:00 PM ~3989 kHz LSB
Wyoming Cowboy Net Weekdays 00:45 UTC ~3923.5 kHz LSB
High Noon Net 12:00 Noon 7240 kHz LSB