Become a Ham

Want to become a Amateur Radio Operator?  (HAM)

It is a simple process.  There are currently three levels of in the Amateur Licensing; Technician, General and Extra.  Each one requires a separate test and comes with it's own permissions on frequencies / modes if you pass.


For more detailed information courtesy of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) click here


All someone needs to do is pass a simple test, which is administered by 3 Volunteer Examiners or VEs.  The test is a short 35 questions ( 50 for the Extra test ) and you need to pass it with a 80% or better.  There is no longer a morse code test required!


Where to buy study materials and guides:
Ham Radio Outlet hot links, you might also try or your local book store.

Where go for practice tests online:

Getting Help: 

NCARC is committed to helping anyone who asks to become a ham or upgrade.  We offer classes a few times a year.  Also we can answer any question on the test, or help you out with tough subjects.  Feel free to contact our Elmer coordinator at:



A minimum of monthly test sessions are available; click here for the specifics.  Additional sessions are occassionally scheduled, testing is offered through other groups, and specially arranged sessions can also be scheduled.  Send an e-mail to if you need additional details.


Please remember to bring two forms of ID, a copy of your current license if you are upgrading and $15 test fee, cash or make checks payable to: ARRL/VEC.



Congratulations to the NEW HAMS that passed during the year.  Click Here to See Who They Are.