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The club holds a technical net on Monday at 6:30 p.m. on the 447.275 (100 Hz tone)  This is a great chance for you to ask any question you might have about radios, antenna, or just how to get on with that project. No questions is to simple come join us. Echo link folks please join in.

These sessions are recorded and posted to the "Supplies/Resoures" area of our website for anyone who may have missed a session.

Next week tech net subject on will be May 1  " Ok I've been told the wire size to my power suppy is very important, so which is the best size and type for my application? Also I'm kind of on a budget what's a good power supply for a base station that won't cost me as much as that new radio that I just purchase"?



Tech chair report April 2017-



A work party visited Horsetooth on Friday, April 7th.  Many things were successfully accomplished.  The new hardline jumpers were installed on the tower for both the 447.275 and 145.115 repeaters.  The 447.275 repeater was returned to service using the new tower mounted antenna.  One issue was discovered.  The customer with the antenna closest to the 447.275 antenna is putting out a very high power signal on what might possibly be harmonically related (or close) to our frequency.  This was causing a LOT of energy to be injected into our antenna system and causing problems.  Since we didn’t have the option of moving the antenna to an entirely new spot on the tower, the best compromise was to rotate the new antenna and place the offending signal in as much of a null as possible.  The new antenna is an omni-directional antenna, but it does have a slight null directly behind it (because of the main support shaft that holds the dipoles).  The null in the antenna is pointed basically directly at Longs Peak.  All other compass directions are not shadowed and all main population... more

Golden Corral

The next general club will be on Saturday, April 15th , 2017. Club meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month at the Golden Corral, 1360 SCULPTOR DRIVE, LOVELAND, CO It is located off E. Eisenhower (US Hwy 34) with an adjoined Kohl's parking lot. Join us at 8 am for breakfast, then the meeting starts at 9 where the last order of business is a presentation about some aspect of ham radio. Meeting agendas are published before the meeting on the member's area alongside the other meetings minutes.


The next NCARC Board of Directors meeting will be Tuesday April 11th,  2017 at the Golden Corral in Loveland (the same one as the general club meetings).  We'll start meeting there around 5 or 5:30 for dinner and informal conversation.  The formal meeting will start at 6:00pm.

The club holds a net each Wednesday at 6:30 pm on the 447.275 repeater (100 Hz tone).  This net starts as a formal net with check-ins and an opportunity to ask questions of the board and members.  Then switches to an informal net where participants can chat about anything on their mind.


All Meeting Notes, Agendas and Financial Reports are posted on the Members Only page.


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