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Field Day is coming up on June 24-25.  This year NCARC is teaming up with WARS to do a joint field day event.  We've got a huge 30 acre site just NE of Nunn.  Come on out and bring your radio if you've got one.  Here's a link to a map of the location.  We'll use the WARS repeaters for talkin.  They are 147.000 (100Hz tone) and 448.475(100Hz)

Setup will be no earlier than 8am on Saturday the 24th.  First transmission is noon on Saturday.  The event will continue until noon on Sunday.  A dinner and pancake breakfast will be provide courtesy of the two clubs.  If you plan on eating with us, send us an email so we can get a headcount for food.

We have permission for any sort of camping/trailers on both Friday and Saturday nights.  If you plan on staying over Friday night, let Steve Jackson (KD0UJK) know by email beforehand.

For all the rules and details, refer to the ARRL Web site.  We also have a printable flyer with the details.

Golden Corral

The next general club will be on Saturday, July 22th , 2017. Club meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month at the Golden Corral, 1360 SCULPTOR DRIVE, LOVELAND, CO It is located off E. Eisenhower (US Hwy 34) with an adjoined Kohl's parking lot. Join us at 8 am for breakfast, then the meeting starts at 9 where the last order of business is a presentation about some aspect of ham radio. Meeting agendas are published before the meeting on the member's area alongside the other meetings minutes.


The next NCARC Board of Directors meeting will be Tuesday July 11th,  2017 at the Golden Corral in Loveland (the same one as the general club meetings).  We'll start meeting there around 5 or 5:30 for dinner and informal conversation.  The formal meeting will start at 6:00pm.

The club holds a technical net on Monday at 6:30 p.m. on the 447.275 (100 Hz tone)  This is a great chance for you to ask any question you might have about radios, antenna, or just how to get on with that project. No questions is to simple come join us. Echo link folks please join in.

These sessions are recorded and posted to the "Supplies/Resoures" area of our website for anyone who may have missed a session.

Next week tech net subject on will be June 26  "How I upgraded my license".

Search hamfests on ARRL.

ARRL Contest Calendar

W7BNM Contest Calendar

On Thursday Evenings, 1930 hrs, on 147.420 (voice) simplex and 144.390, (APRS)

We’d like to invite you to a new Simplex and APRS net.  It’s soul purpose is to help you be better prepared and to give each operator the resources to make their own station more functional, better equipped and build the skills to venture in directions many have either not been exposed to or still have questions of “how to” or “what’s this about”.  Although some of us have used APRS, what else can we do with it besides beacon our location, or check on others?  How well can it work beyond the range of a digipeater?  How else can it be used?

Learning and using your equipment and resources on a regular basis affords you the ability to troubleshoot your own problems and function better as a communications team member. By pooling people, equipment, providing training, and Q & A sessions, we hope to provide  you the tools to be proficient and help you to be a more valuable member of this communications team.  

For more information, contact K7AVV, N7GES, K0RAW, or KC0DSJ

Please note that board reports can be found under Newsletters -> Recent newsletters.

The Tech report that was previously posted here on the front page will now be found in the monthly report with all other board member reports.

The club holds a net each Wednesday at 6:30 pm on the 447.275 repeater (100 Hz tone).  This net starts as a formal net with check-ins and an opportunity to ask questions of the board and members.  Then switches to an informal net where participants can chat about anything on their mind.


All Meeting Notes, Agendas and Financial Reports are posted on the Members Only page.


Want to have access to the Members Only page, be on the members only mail distribution list and other details related to the Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club?  After  joining the club, members are sent information on how to access these areas by logging in.  If you are already a member and have not been given access please contact the Webmaster.

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