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2017/06/19, Field Day: Frequencies, Sub-Bands, Field Day Exchanges, Band Propigation, GreyLine, CB Band, Pile-Ups, HamNation Contest, Split Operation, More DMR93:3130.24
2017/06/12, Damage to Finals, Bonding/Grounding Mobile Antennas, Twisted Power Wires for Shielding, Power Poles and Crimpers, RigRunners, Fuses, Switching Power Supplies
, Crimp, Solder, or Both. Connecter Sizes/Current. ARES Standards. Roll-Pins, Yes/No? Switching Power Supply Noise, and Filtering.
2017/05/29, Favorite Antennas: Beams, Colinear, Wire, Vertical, Indoor-Attic, Low/High Power. Also DMR Usage59:0518.70
2017/05/22, Cooax loops, Counterpoises, Image Planes, End-fed antennas, Guy Wires, Delta Loops, Ladder Line, Field Day Antennas75:1224.11
2017/05/15, Open Topics
Wrapping coax for slack, choke, or image plain. Don't use braid for outdoor grounding. Quarter-inch tubing for grounding? Latest June 30 2017 pp30 QST article on system lightning protection. Lightning rods on houses? How much should antennas be separated, and what direction? What type of guy-line material is best? Hower heit vs guy-line load. Is wet guy-line rope a conductor?
2017/05/08, Open Topics: Mobile antennas on open or soft-top vehicles. Echolink licensing.18:575.05
2017/04/10, Backup Power
Don't connect directly to auto battery ground, as there may be a sensor there. Avoid coax running near auto airbags. Light bulbs that make RF noise. RF-quiet charge controllers. Solar cells, and calculating power output, since they vary continuously. How do solar cells work, and what is their life expectancy. Wind power. Generators.
2017/04/03, Lightning Protection, Split frequency and Crossband operation95:2731.04
2017/03/27, Various Topics: Tower Grounding; CW Filters; Arrow Antenna Adjustment; VHF/UHF Hotspots, Nulls, and Multipath; HF Dypole Rotation; EZ NEC and 2NEC4 Antenna Modeling; Description of today's solar event90:0428.70
2017-03-20 Open Forum
LMR600, Echolink Service, Propigation, Space Weather Prediction Center, PowerGate and IsoGate for charging
2017/03/13, Digital Modes, Voice and Data: DMR, D-Star, Wires, System Fusion67:1422.04
2017/03/06, Various Topics (Exerpts): DX Contests, HF Band Usage, Amplifyers, Spotting Nets, OMISS net, Club History, 6 Meters, Tube Equipment26:5824.70
2017/02/27, Solar Cycles and propigation40:2013.02
2017/02/20, Antenna Analyzers, also a bit about the Bird Model 45 Watt meter78:1624.79
2017/02/13, My first HF Radio? also tuners, amplifiers, power supplies, antennas and patterns, coax, DSP, mobile grounding and static127:4941.95
2017/02/06, My First Antenna (Continued), Supports, and first radios64:5621.92
2017/01/30, My First HF Antenna, also SDRs, RFI69:4422.81
2017/01/23, What Batteries Do I Need? Also Chargers, Solar Pannels, terms, and testing.108:1635.45
2017/01/16, Which All-Band Radio/Antennas?70:3322.72
2017/01/09, Dual-Band Antennas, Software for Programming and operating81:2326.38
2016/12/19, D-Star, EchoLink, Wraspberry Pie, Vintage Computers, Drones74:1624.36
2016/12/12, Digital VS Analogue et al.70:3122.54
2016/11/25, Various Topics: Voice Muting, D-Star, WWV Propigation, and EchoLink52:2316.67
2016/11/28, Programming Software and Antenna Masts72:5623.86
2016/11/21, Lightning Protection74:5024.14
2016/11/14, Tuners and Transmatches85:4927.77
2016/11/07, SunSpots and Propigation69:4923.23
2016/10/24, DStar, Turbo, Baofeng And TYT Radios16:305.32
2016/10/17, Radio Waves96:3530.17
2016/10/10, Antennas and Radials123:0356.07
2016/10/03, Open Topics (Ignision noise, co-faze antennas)79:0836.06
2016/09/26, Protocol and Operating Practice116:1020.76
2016/09/19, SWR and DB81:4813.63
2016/09/12, "Best" Antenna66:5219.57
2016/08/29, Operating Practice and Tuners82:2514.79
2016/08/22, Batteries and Fire Extinguishersunknown15.84
2016/08/15, Batteries70:1220.20
2016/08/08, Repeaters and Batteriesunknown19.58
2016/08/01, RFI66:3217.69